Unlock Your London

There's so much to see and do in London on a Santander Cycle.

Take a look at our specially curated cycle routes for inspiration to unlock your London.

Ellie stood in the doorway of a women's fashion shop

Unlock Stylish London
3.2 miles
AJ Odudu's Sporty London - open route

Unlock Sporty London
5.7 miles
Sporting Sights - open route

Sporting Sights
10.7 miles
Quirky London - open route

Quirky London
3.4 miles
Saturday Markets - open route

Saturday Markets
6.3 miles
London's Secret Gardens - open route

London's Secret Gardens
6.7 miles
Independent Shops and Markets - open route

Independent Shops and Markets
4.8 miles
John eating a burger in the sunshine

Unlock Tasty London
7.1 miles
New Santander Cycles are here

New Santander Cycles are here

The first of the new UK-built bikes are now available. They’re easy to ride, safe and strong.

  1. Improved handling, safety and comfort

  2. Front and rear Blaze lighting

  3. Lower frame for smaller cyclists

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